General Safety

General Safety - The Representing of Safety at Work

In this workshop we provide the staff members of companies, tools and ideas, which they take back into their workplace and utilize to make their workplace a safer environment. A Safety Representative is the link between the "Employer" and "Employee" learning different aspects of this role is important to enable a better understanding of what is expected of a "Safety Rep" in their workplace.
This is a one day workshop. There are currently no government regulations regarding the teaching of this subject in Namibia, however we do have approval and permission from the Ministry of Labour to teach all aspects of general safety related training. Students receive a certificate on completion.


In our workshop students learn the following:

  • Definition of Employers
  • General Duties of Employers
  • Definition of Employees
  • General Duties of Employees
  • Definition of an Accident and Causes
  • Why Investigate
  • What are Unsafe acts and Conditions
  • Chain Events/Effects and Preventative Measures
  • Risk Identifications Criteria
  • Nomination and Election of Representatives
  • Functions of Representatives
  • Functions of a Health and Safety Committee
  • SHE Committee Agenda
  • Matter Arising
  • Additional Reading Information for Safety Representing